Great River Hydro Relicensing Team

The Relicensing Team will consist of staff and consultants of Great River Hydro who are responsible for the conduct of relicensing activities within the scope of their authority. Great River Hydro will assume the lead role in most matters for the purposes of contact, communication, and management of relicensing activities. Consultants cannot speak for or bind Great River Hydro in any matter.

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Great River Hydro’s relicensing manager and primary contact:

John L. Ragonese, FERC License Manager
Great River Hydro, LLC
Address: 40 Pleasant Street, Suite 202; Portsmouth NH 03801
Cell: 603.498.2851(best option); 603.559.5513

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
(FERC) Team

Mr. Brandon Cherry will serve as the team leader for the FERC team assigned to these projects. Both FERC staff and contracted consultants for FERC will be referred to as FERC throughout the process. Mr. Cherry will participate in relicensing meetings and provide guidance during the process. FERC’s role will be in accordance with the rules and regulations for the Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) (see the FERC website for details For any questions related to FERC communications, contact Mr. Cherry at:

Mr. Brandon Cherry
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Phone: 202.502.8434

General Corporate Inquiries and
Media Inquiries

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